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Antibody Tests
Pharma giant Roche gets US go-ahead for Covid-19 antibody test | World news | The Guardian -
UK's health agency approves Roche's antibody test-The Telegraph-Reuters -
Business Advice / Working from Home
Maintaining the New Normal: Worksite Solutions in the Time of COVID-19 | Construction Management Association of America -
Coronavirus UK: 'Cyclical' working from home strategy announced | Daily Mail Online -
Coronavirus: Will offices be safe for a return to work?-BBC News -
Coronavirus: Working from home may benefit foot health -
Does Working From Home Make You Blue? Research Explains Why | Psychology Today UK -
Hard-hit small businesses grapple with ' new normal' -
Here's How Firms Can Prepare For The New Normal Of Doing Business -
Small Business Coronavirus Q & A-we answer your questions -
How to Work From Home With Your Spouse Without Hating Each Other | The Motley Fool -
The new normal: Can business focus on driving positive change? | Greenbiz -
Think before you type: advice on working from home during coronavirus lockdown -
Ways of Overcoming Stress Arising Anxiety of Working From Home As a Newbie -
Will working from home remain a perk or become a right?-Personnel Today -
Is your business covered for Covid-19?-The Irish News -
How Best Employers get the best from staff working from home under coronavirus lockdown | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk Business News | Eastern Daily Press -
Back to the new normal: Everything you need to reopen your business | ZDNet -
Contact Tracing App
News roundup: UK's contact tracing app gets a trial, Google responds to Australia, and Uber confirms mass layoffs | IDG Connect -
Irish contact tracing app may be made available in Northern Ireland | UTV-ITV News -
European countries form coalition over contact tracing app concerns -
COVID-19 CONTACT TRACING APP-YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED-Island Echo-24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight -
contact tracing app-Yahoo Search Results -
Report: UK NHS asks developers to 'investigate' switching its contact tracing app to Apple's API-9to5Mac -
UK considers integrating controversial contact-tracing app with Apple and Google's API-Business Insider -
UK said to be on verge of major technology shift for Covid-19 contact-tracing app -
Economic Impact
5 ways to reset labour markets after coronavirus recovery | World Economic Forum -
Capital Economics-The economic impact of COVID-19 -
Coronavirus and the economic impacts on the UK-Office for National Statistics -
Coronavirus' business impact: Evolving perspective | McKinsey -
Coronavirus: impact on the UK economy | Statista -
COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Economic Impact -
COVID-19: Economic Impact Research | Bain & Company -
UK Economic Update: COVID-19 -
The prospects for China's post-Covid-19 economy | The Interpreter -
Economy will stage comeback post-Covid, says CEA Krishnamurthy Subramanian-Times of India -
What does the biggest economic slump in 300 years mean for Britain? | News | The Guardian -
The economic effects of coronavirus in the UK -
The ABCs of the post-COVID economic recovery -
Economic Recovery
What issues could hinder an international economic recovery? | Chicago Booth Review -
The ABCs of the post-COVID economic recovery -
Pandemic Recession: L or V-Shaped? -
(21) Coronavirus latest: What will the economy look like post-crisis | The Show May-YouTube -
Exit Strategies
Austria says easing lockdown has not led to spike in infections- as it happened | World news | The Guardian -
How are countries around the world easing COVID-19 lockdowns? | World Economic Forum -
Exit Strategies: Construction & Engineering UK-Coronavirus (COVID-19)-UK -
Exit from coronavirus lockdowns-lessons from 6 countries -
The Futile Search For A Magic Number That Says It's Safe To Reopen | HuffPost UK -
Boris Johnson to act with ' maximum caution' in easing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions-Channel 4 News -
What we know about Spain's 'plan for transition to a new normal'-The Local -
An exit strategy for relaxing physical distancing measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2-The BMJ -
When will the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing end? | Science News -
We're retreating to a new strategy on covid-19.Let's call it what it is.- The Washington Post -
Spain sets out plan to ease lockdown-but not for British tourists just yet-World News-Mirror Online -
Latest: How cities worldwide are lifting coronavirus restrictions -
COVID-19: UCL academics mobilise to provide critical advice and expert comment | UCL News-UCL-University College London -
Putting epidemiology at the service of the economy during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic -
Managing expectations on Covid exit is the new challenge -
An exit strategy for COVID-19 | Interviews | Naked Scientists -
WHO EMRO | Unlocking towns and cities: COVID-19 exit strategy | Commentaries | In press -
When can we really expect coronavirus to end? | The Independent -
What is likely to change as lockdown measures are eased and what isn't?-ITV News -
Spain Develops Lockdown Exit Plan-South EU Summit -
Forecasts / Projections
How To Make Sense of All The COVID-19 Projections? A New Model Combines Them: Shots-Health News: NPR -
Future Scenarios
Crunching the coronavirus curve is better than flattening it, as New Zealand is showing | Devi Sridhar | Opinion | The Guardian -
How long will the coronavirus pandemic last? | World Economic Forum -
Coronavirus anxiety: How to cope with life after lockdown-BBC News -
The Rise Of the Smart City | Reimagining the Future -
The race to mass produce a coronavirus vaccine-The Washington Post -
Lessons Learned
How Hong Kong contained its second wave of Covid-19-CNN -
10 key lessons for the future to be learned from fighting Covid-19 | World news | The Guardian -
How to fight the spread of COVID-19 disinformation | World Economic Forum -
International Lessons Learned From Coronavirus Reopenings-Center for American Progress -
Lessons learned from cases of COVID-19 infection in South Korea | Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness | Cambridge Core -
(20) Coronavirus Cure? Experts See Promising New Clues In Policies From WA And CA | MSNBC-YouTube -
What lessons from the coronavirus pandemic will shape the future of education? | World Economic Forum -
Lessons learned: The questions to ask after Covid-19-EPM Magazine -
EU wants WHO review of lessons learnt from coronavirus -
Why technology may be the answer: Lessons from South Korea's COVID19 successes | ORF -
Parts of Asia that relaxed restrictions without a resurgence in coronavirus cases did these three things -
Walking and Cycling to Economic Recovery-Lessons Learnt From Around the World | WSP -
What's South Korea's COVID Secret?-The Atlantic -
Why Weren't We Ready for the Coronavirus? | The New Yorker -
Coronavirus: Lessons From Asia | Health | Al Jazeera -
Deadly 2nd wave of Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 may hold clues for reopening today | CBC News -
Parts of Asia that relaxed restrictions without a resurgence in coronavirus cases did these three things -
13 lessons we have learned in lockdown, and how we can prevent second wave of -
Longer Term
Coronavirus latest: What will the economy look like post-crisis | The Show May-YouTube -
It could take two years for the economy to recover from the coronavirus pandemic -
Europe fears coronavirus second wave-POLITICO -
Bloomberg -
This is how coronavirus will upend the economy over the next year | WIRED UK -
New Normal
Coronavirus: How might lockdown end and what will be the 'new normal'?-BBC News -
Coronavirus: The hunt for hackers & adjusting to a new normal | UK News | Sky News -
Coronavirus may have long-term social behavior effects-New normal | The Economic Times -
The new normal-where are we at?-The Manila Times -
How will London's transport network find a new normal? -
This Is the Future of the Pandemic-The New York Times -
Coronavirus: 'The new normal'-This is how the UK might operate once lockdown is eased | Bro Radio 98.1fm -
Social-distance flying the new normal? | Business | Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 30.04.2020 -
COVID-19: ' Dubai and UAE are showing the way to a new normal' | Health-Gulf News -
COVID-19 changed work life for everyone.Here are tips for adjusting to the new normal.- Anchorage Daily News -
Covid-19: Epoch of a new normal . -
COVID-19 passport, rapid test, face mask: 'New normal' for air travel? | Business-Gulf News -
How coronavirus will change flying: blood tests, higher prices-and even longer -
London after lockdown: Gyms to reduce class sizes and run open air sessions as part of 'new normal' | London Evening Standard -
Turkey moving to ' new normal' under life-changing rules-Turkey News -
Preparing for the New Normal-Nextgov -
What does the new normal look like post COVID-19? 15 CXOs answer | ZDNet -
Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm-The New York Times -
This Is the Future of the Pandemic-The New York Times -
Flying During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What to Know-The Atlantic -
Social Media: A How to Guide for the New Normal | LBBOnline -
Eating Out In The New Normal -
Biologist: Avoid these places to protect against Covid-19 -
'COVID dogs' could sniff out up to 250 people an hour for coronavirus | UK News | Sky News -
Coronavirus | Phase-2 trial with three drugs offers hope-The Hindu -
Vaccine Development
When can a Covid-19 vaccine really be ready? (opinion)-CNN -
Timeline on Covid-19 vaccine and treatments under development now -
When Will a Coronavirus Vaccine Be Here? Doctors Debate-Bloomberg -
Is the world ready to produce a billion doses of a COVID-19 vaccine? | Imperial News | Imperial College London -
Israel's IIBR finds antibody that neutralizes coronavirus-The Jerusalem Post -
Current vaccines could still be effective with mutated coronavirus: experts-Global Times -
Moderna coronavirus vaccine gets FDA clearance for Phase 2 study -
Coronavirus vaccine: How do you make one?-CBBC Newsround -
Oxford scientist says if coronavirus vaccine is effective it will likely be seasonal -
Scientists in the UK and US identify hundreds of mutations in the COVID-19 virus | Pharmafile -
Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine | BIO -
Status of upcoming vaccines, drugs and other treatments in the battle against COVID-19 -
What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine | Bill Gates -
What it's like inside the Oxford trial leading the race for coronavirus vaccine-ABC News -
How to Meditate-Mindful -
Coping with stress and uncertainty during coronavirus lockdown: thoughts from a mediator | Eastern Daily Press -
University Study Finds That Eating More Plants Could Lead to Greater Muscle Gain -
How to Stay Active | Benefits of Short Bursts of Exercise -
How to manage stress during the coronavirus pandemic based on personality type -
How To Build Resilience And Adjust To Our New Normal With Greater Clarity, Motivation, And Wellbeing -
Home Workouts | Trainer Tips for Working Out at Home -
Drinking more during the pandemic? Healthier alternatives to dealing with COVID-19 stress | WEAR -
Dispatch Argus | Illinois Quad Cities | -
Battling anxiety in times of COVID-19: Experts suggest strategies to cope with feelings of fear, worry | The Spokesman-Review -
Nurturing our relationships during the coronavirus pandemic | Mental Health Foundation -