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We live in a moment when officials are applauded for lying and indicted for speaking the truth.
I meant this. US presidents aren't supposed to talk like this. Nuclear powers aren't supposed to talk like this.
Senate Intel now playing hardball with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen: Now plan OPEN session for Cohen to testify publicly
#BREAKING: Massachusetts attorney general sues Equifax over massive data breach
Here we go.
#Healthcare rally *LIVE* with @MoveOn. Join us, make your voice heard! #GrahamCassidy #CassidyGraham #Trumpcare
The games that keep drug prices high, behind-the-scenes a The New York Times and ProPublica investigation:
Trump & Ryan say want to hold the individual market hostage to the larger goal of also enacting huge Medicaid cuts.
I've always worried abt Malvinas option -- under threat from scandals at home, corrupt governments start wars. Stil…
“This is the worst relationship I’ve seen,” said one reporter about the tensions between the Pentagon and the press…
.@joshearnest: I think it is foolish to try to goad or provoke or mock somebody who, in Trumps own words, is on a suicide mission #AMR
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