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"Americans think Trump is really bad at being president"
“Of all the Fredos occupying Trump world, perhaps Donald Trump Jr. proved to be the easiest mark for the Russians.”…
Kushner may have withheld even more key information from Congress
Parents, Read This Please: Teen depression, suicide and smartphone use.
Puerto Rico running out of Medicaid funds after Trump admin fails to add any funding
Sen. Susan Collins says she does not believe Roy Moore's denials of the allegations against him and hopes Alabama v…
.@kuminaidoo: Those most affected by climate change "lead the most low-consumptive lifestyles anywhere on the plane…
Trump goes after another black athlete
BREAKING: Notorious cult leader and murderer Charles Manson has died of natural causes at age 83, according to Cali…
Judge considers whether Trump’s tweets should open up government’s dossier probe
NRA spending approached half a billion dollars in 2016
Read my column, "This Is a Man Problem," and let me know what you think.
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