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17 polling venues have been closed due to inaccessibility because of the heavy rain. 6094 voters will have to vote…
The blackout period has been extended because the polling period has been extended as well. #TimesNews #FijiNews
Rumours of a curfew in effect tonight is not true - Qiliho #FijiNews
Out with a bang! Woman celebrates divorce by blowing up wedding dress
David Byrne concert: An incredible display of musicianship
Due to the adverse weather condition, six more polling venues have been closed as they are no longer accessible…
“I face a lot of difficulties walking but I had to make it somehow.” #FijiVotes18
Sweet chocolatey smells will start drifting across parts of Dunedin from Ocho Chocolate's new factory as early as n…
Auckland apartments advertised in Chinese quickly snapped up
Supervisor of Elections says they are not doing well with voter turnout #FijiNews #FijiElections2018
All Blacks v Ireland: Ryan Crotty proves he's twice the player at No 12
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