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Glaciers gone after record hot summers
Climate change protests held around country
Wendy's yet to pay out workers not given lieu days
Australian bikie wants to get rid of 'embarrassing' facial tattoos
People can expect more rain during this long weekend #FijiNews #Fiji
Auckland climate change protesters clash with motorists over road blocks
Flood warning now in force #FBCNews #FijiNews #Fiji
Protests erupt in Bangladesh after teen set on fire for refusal to drop sex harassment charges…
Adele has separated from husband Konecki #EntertainmentNews
Devotees nailed to crosses on Good Friday in Philippines
Fijian Pilot found dead in Auckland #FBCNews #FijiNews #Fiji
My son is a child of God, were the words of 37-year- old Anaseini Adi who gave birth to her fourth son, Jalesi Naka…
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