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It's hard to find clothes that fit right for those affected by dwarfism. A Berlin label called 'At eye level' (Auf…
UFO sightings reported by pilots over Ireland
German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged EU lawmakers to work toward creating "a real European army" that would not be…
Ed Power: 'The McCabes, simply by trying to do what was right, brought the full fury of the State down on their hea…
UN Security Council to meet on Gaza violence
Russian LDPR party leader offers free tattoos to his supporters in St. Petersburg
The three men could get 8-15 years in prison for what they say was organizing a peaceful demonstration. #Amnesty
Built by Turkish students, eco-friendly electric car a glimpse of the future
Rising fuel prices — who pays the most in Europe?
U.S. may impose new sanctions to try to block construction of Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline…
Russian-backed Ukrainian church rejects unification
55,000 Syrians granted Turkish citizenship in past 7 years
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