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The number of asylum seekers in Germany went down dramatically in 2017. Where did most of them come from?
Russia’s health minister has said that Russians consume 80 percent less alcohol than they did five years ago #OKAY
Catalonia's separatist parties nominate ousted leader to head new government
Latvia's e-health system hit by cyberattack from abroad
#BREAKING Turkish FM in Vancouver: Turkey’s precautions against YPG/PKK not limited to Afrin, can be expanded to Ma…
The murder of key Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic is threatening to reignite tensions in the ethnically-fueled dispute…
In the latest Daily Vertical, Brian Whitmore looks at a "noble tradition" that has been revived in Lithuania, but i…
'An ordinary person and a world icon' - Limerick fondly remembers Dolores O'Riordan
Ancient Greek tragedy tells timeless story of Syrian plight
Pope in Chile seeks forgiveness for sex abuse scandals
Planned Narconon drug treatment unlikely to meet HSE criteria for addiction services
#truestory Tractor sinks into frozen Siberian river as it attempts to pull out crane truck that had itself sunk whi…
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