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Bronwyn Bishop: 'Critics of @PeterDutton_MP are cowards. They won't come out and criticise the murder of South Afri…
"Google probably knows more about us than Facebook" @mpesce tells @bevvo14 on #ABCTheWorld
.@PMOnAir: 'We need people to join 'Club Australia' who believe in humanity and Australian values. We need to fight…
Lot of bad policy and bad politics in the past 15 years, writes @latingle.
Comment: Mark Zuckerberg's interview is scary because it's clear he's not in control
Employers accuse ACTU boss of peddling lies to boost union membership
Myer has been accused of racial profiling after calling security on an Indigenous boy who was shopping for a school…
What does CBA whistle-blower Jeff Morris @jmwhistleblower think of the #banksrc? “We’ve already heard such egregiou…
Analysis: As commercial brekkie shows shed viewers, the ABC's News Breakfast is holding strong
Star adds sparkle to glitter strip
COMMENT The Trinity saga isn't about a haircut – it's about bullying at its worst
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